Building of the Rectorate, 1910

The University Administration building is an architectural monument of the 20th century that has quite an illustrious history.

For the recent 110 years, the building has functioned as an educational institution. It was built under the financial support of a well-known philanthropist and sugar industry owner Nikola Tereshchenko in 1901. Being an honorary citizen of Kyiv, he had the building constructed in honor of his wife Pelageya Tereshchencko. It hosted the only commercial school for women in Russian Empire. Pavlo Hollandski, a well-known architect, designed the building.

The commercial school for women was subordinated to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Young girls at the age of 12-15 were trained at this school. After graduation, they worked at middle-sized commercial and industrial institutions.

During the World War I, the building was occupied by the Third Georgian Mobile Hospital but in the 1920s and 1930s the commercial school for women started functioning again. Later, the building hosted the First Commercial School and Cooperative Technical College.

Since 1931 to 1938, German Secondary School for National Minorities worked in this building. German was the language of tuition.

During the World War II, the school “VolksDeutsche” functioned in this building when Kyiv was occupied by Nazi Germany (1941-1943). After the liberation of the city in 1943 the Secondary School № 24 for Soviet Elite started its work in the building. Russian was the language of tuition. Among the school graduates there were many well-known Ukrainians.

In 1972 Kyiv State In-Service Education Institute for Teachers was housed in this historical building, that later grew to be the University.

In 2008 Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University Administration moved to this building.

In 2010 the official museum of Borys Grinchenko was opened there.



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